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The melancholy of mechanism lacks perfection when we try so many things in life. The perfection is not something which one is born with. Ages and decades pass like cool breeze and leaves unturned sand.

The cloud seven is the only remote happening in creativity who can unleash what was unturned sand. The bunch of perverted genius with nude brains put together eager to break what has always been followed spiritually. We don’t create milestone nor we target any, on the contrary we try to satisfy the quest where it was most satisfied. Those who walk on conceptions are not the audience we try to qualify for. We look for, who can derive joy out of sorrows as we do which is the best creativity in the world. Inspired by pied piper, we are capable of pulling crowd on our back lured by the inventions we do unlike people making discovery.

We look only people who understand us because the aptitude to understand inventions is pre-requisite.
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